NO Florida Black Bear Hunt in 2016!

Today I spoke (along with others) to the Hillsborough County Commissioners as part to ask them to adopt a resolution against bear hunting in their county. We must protect our bears!

The Tampa Bay Times was there and published a story about it – it is exciting to be in the newspaper!


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is likely planning a Florida Black Bear hunt in 2016. Well, it is not official YET, but it was stated by an FWC representative last fall that they intend the bear hunt to be an annual event.  No offense is EVER meant to the FWC in anything I say just because I do not agree with all of their decisions.  According to the Florida Constitution, the authority to do so is FWC’s alone, but I am part of an effort of asking counties across Florida to adopt resolutions against bear hunting in Florida. Last year tens of thousands of people protested and asked that FWC not have a bear hunt. We are asking local governments to help us send a message from citizens that the majority of us Floridians strongly oppose another bear hunt.

Please contact your commissioner to express your support for a resolution against bear hunting!



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2 Responses to NO Florida Black Bear Hunt in 2016!

  1. Excellent Job Megan. You did a great job speaking to the commissioners. We agree- no black bear hunt in 2016.


  2. Liza says:

    It took a lot of courage to speak up on behalf of the Florida Black Bear. Thank you for your efforts, you are an inspiration in keeping Florida naturally beautiful.


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