Fracking in Florida? NO WAY!!

10380117_10208833176687916_3970402719515205288_oThe prospect of any more fracking in Florida makes me cringe. Fracking seems like a no-brainer bad idea to do in Florida for anyone who knows even a little of the karst topography of Florida. But as always, my main concern is for our yet-undeveloped lands and its wildlife. The invasive procedures of fracking are, to me, an outrage for animals living in their own home to have to endure or flee from. The surface impact is huge for the land and from the countless large trucks needed to support operations. When I see map after map of historic ranges of animals like our panthers or bears (just to name a few out of thousands of species!) that have been so reduced by humans, I cannot help but wonder where the wildlife will have left to go if we continue to invade their precious space actually left.

The risks from fracking make me cringe, both for humans and wildlife: groundwater contamination, toxic chemicals exposure from spills that can pollute the ground, air, and water supply, wastewater disposal, earthquakes, usage of undisclosed chemicals, and usage of large amounts of water in the process. No thank you! The risks are extreme, and not even entirely known.

All of the risks are unacceptable to me, but frankly I find it outrageous that for no other reason than the financial greed of a very few people that an insane amount of Florida’s  water will be withdrawn from our aquifers for use in the fracking process! NO company has the right to come and use so much of our water to make money, and then move on to the next location to exploit. According to the painful books I have read about fracking, a single well can use more than TEN MILLION GALLONS of water before the well is even operational!! That does not seem okay to me that a company can use up so much of our water since the wastewater remnant, full of undisclosed toxic chemicals, is ruined for safe use and will not return to the water cycle.

Tomorrow, February 25, 2016, at 10am, the Senate Appropriations Committee will vote on SB 318, a pro-fracking bill. Please join me in emailing (or calling) these Senators to urge a big fat NO on this catastrophic bill.

Tom Lee (850) 487-5024
Rene Garcia (850) 487-5038
Jack Latvala (850) 487-5020
David Simmons (850) 487-5010
Jeremy Ring (850) 487-5029


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